Five Star Gym

E-Learning Support Day Program

Register today for the E-Learning Support Day Program


8:30am -3:00pm  Full Day

8:30am – 11:30am  or 12pm -3pm  1/2 day 

Choose 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x a week!

*Physical Education/Activity will be included with a full day schedule.

Many of us are wondering how we can balance work, life and the upcoming new school year that involves on-line at home schooling in some form or another….we want to help! Some of you may have chosen the option for long-term on-line schooling, some have had no choice other than to do on-line schooling (for a period of time), some have to try and balance a hybrid model with part on-line schooling and part in-person schooling. And, most of us are not 100% sure of what may come next.

As a mom…..I get it! Which is why I knew I had to figure a way to utilize our resources and help. 

Five-Star has experienced educators and experience overseeing and working with on-line schooling. We are confident that we can provide a supportive on-line environment for your child or children. We can provide a 28,000 square foot CLEAN, SAFE and SUPPORTIVE environment with special Covid-19 precautions already in place! 

Your students have a teacher on-line.  Our school supervisors will be able to help guide your student, keep them focused and ensure they are completing  their assignments. They do have a background in education. We know they will have questions and we are confident in our ability to help explain and answer those questions. 

We provide flexibility with 1 to 5 times a week options. We can add before and after care if requested in advance. We also have some class options at 3pm. But, for those that maybe only need 1/2 day of on-line schooling but need a full day of supervision and care….we got your covered. Enroll for the full day.

Sample Schedule

Example day for student with 1/2 online schedule, but registered for full day 8:30-3

8:30-9 Arrive

9-11:30 follow Live on-line schooling.

11:30 lunch (afternoon may vary, but will include the following)

12pm -1pm Gymtime or outdoor play/Physical Education

1pm-2pm Arts/Crafts/Music

2pm-3pm Review / Complete Any Assignments/Homework

*Those students with longer on-line days will have the ability for gym time or outdoor play if possible.


$15 Non-Refundable Registration Fee

8:30am -3:00pm   $40 per day

1/2 day (8:30am -11:30am OR  12pm-3pm)  $20 per day

Options for 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, a week


8:30am -3pm Weekly $175

1/2 day Weekly $90

10% Discount when register and pay for 4 (weekly) weeks in advance

WHAT TO DO ONCE YOU REGISTER (don’t worry – we will follow-up)

Email with the following information:

  • Student name and Grade this year
  • School District
  • Are you doing School District program or a 3rd party On-line program
  • Student virtual On-line Schedule
  • What days your student will be here if less then weekly (example: register for 3x/wk – tell us M/W/F)
  • Do you know how many weeks your student will be on-line or what is your plan or your district’s return to school timeline?


  • Fully charged laptop
  • On-line Schedule with log-in information (links, passwords, etc)
  • All school supplies needed: headphones, notebook, pencil, calculator, etc
  • Backpack 
  • Water Bottle & Snacks (lunch for full day)
  • Wear comfortable clothes acceptable for “gym” time
  • A favorite stuffed animal or toy if they want

We have had a large interest in this program and will most likely reach our capacity quickly. If you are interested, please register ASAP so your student has a spot. We will post this information outside Five-Star soon, our members receive priority.