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*caregiver assisted class*
Through guided exploration and the use of the basic gymnastics equipment and fun props like balloons, balls, bubbles, puzzles and more. Your little Rising Star will build core muscle strength, develop fine & gross motor skills, make necessary brain connections, and develop basic skills.

*Caregiver assisted class*
You will guide your child through various instructor led activities and basic
gymnastics obstacle courses. Activities designed to build core muscle strength,
develop gross & fine motor skills, and social development.
Through basic gymnastics obstacles courses, and fun gross & fine motor skills activities, your child will learn basic gymnastics skills, build core muscle strength, and help develop social skills, sports/playground & school readiness.
Through gymnastics obstacle courses, and fun gross & fine motor skill activities your child will learn and develop basic gymnastics skills and terminology, build core muscle strength, as well as develop sports/playground readiness.
Our instructors will keep your Mini Ninja busy climbing on our challenging obstacle courses, jumping in the block pit, climbing the rope, playing running games, and lots more, while at the same time developing gross & fine motor skills, sports/playground readiness, and even some basic gymnastics.

Please choose one class per session. For class policies and registration information, please call (330) 220-3121. You may also register online by clicking one of the links above. At the end of Fall; Winter; and Spring, sessions culminate with a ribbon/medal/trophy awards presentation.

SPECIAL DISCOUNT: Students who attend more than one class per week receive a discounted rate. Contact front desk for details.

SIBLING DISCOUNT: 2 or more enrolled children is 10% discount each.

Would you like to join mid-session? We do permit entry into classes at certain times during a session that has already started. Please contact front desk to see if you can start today!

This is a beginner level class for a child who has NO prior gymnastics experience. Skill progression is accomplished through instruction on all gymnastic apparatus.
This is an advanced beginner level class for a child who has had prior gymnastics experience. Students will work on skill progression in a positive learning environment.
Gymnasts in this class are in a developmental stage between advanced beginner and intermediate level skills. More focus will be on strength and technique to help the gymnast prepare for higher levels of gymnastics. Teacher recommendation only.
This is an advanced intermediate class. All students will be working on advanced skills on all gymnastic apparatus. Teacher recommendation only.
This is an advanced gymnastics class that allows the gymnast to master more difficult skills on all gymnastic apparatus. Teacher recommendation only.
This class is designed for the gymnast who has gone through all of our color classes and would like to continue practice gymnastics, but does not wish to compete. Advanced skills will be taught on all gymnastic apparatus. Teacher recommendation only.


Class Enrollment, Tuition and Drop Policy

Your gymnast is enrolled in class until you provide a 2 week drop-notice (Form required) We do not have separate fall, winter, spring sessions – schedule is year-round.
You may enroll at anytime throughout the year.
*Your gymnast will advance by recommendation of her coach based upon age and/or proficiency in skills.


Tuition is due by the first day of class every 4 weeks (a $5 late fee will be applied if not paid by the start of class)

Class Information

Classes are listed below. You can enroll by clicking “register” next to the class that you would like to join. You can enroll at any time as our class schedule is the same from August through May.


Preschool classes are by age for boys and girls.
Recreational classes are for girls only ages 6 and up.
Blue is our beginner level and is recommended for anyone without previous gymnastics experience.


Please register online and feel free to contact us for questions 330-220-3121.

Class tuition is billed every 4 weeks. 2 week drop notice is required.

SPECIAL DISCOUNT: Students who attend more than one class per week receive a special discounted rate. Contact the front desk for details.

ALL CLASSES BELOW BEGIN AUGUST 22, 2022 and continue throughout the year. Enroll at anytime